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PASADENA — The US-China Cleantech Innovation Forum 2016 was held Tuesday in the Southern California city of Pasadena, gathering nearly 200 China, US officials, business leaders and experts on clean technology fields.

Organized by US-China Cleantech Center, the forum was part of a “China Week” program which includes a series of conferences and exhibitions to promote bilateral cooperations in trade, culture and environment.

“By the year 2030, China’s carbon emissions will reach peak level,” said Jeffrey Dutton, acting director of US Commerce Department’s China Office. “And China’s 13th Five-Year Plan sets a goal to reduce total emissions by 10 percent. These are important milestones in the fight against climate change.”

He said that trade and commerce are important parts of the US-China cooperation against climate change.

“Recent milestones in the global push to combat global climate change will be the increasing opportunity for clean technology confidence which translates into investments and job opportunities as well as economic growth in both of our countries,” he said.

The one-day forum will discuss latest developments on clean energy, water, transportation technologies and green finance and investment.


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